Performance evaluation:
Blood DNA
Blood is main samples in the field of life research and diagnostic testing. The blood is composed of a variety of components which enable to sustain life activities, and buffy coat accounting for less than 1% of blood is comprised of white blood cells and platelets. White blood cells are produced from bone marrow to protect the body against external substances. Whenever wound incurred, platelets get together to this part to stop bleeding through blood coagulation.
While other components such as hematin, hemoglobin, plasma proteins, and other substances act as inhibitors. Therefore, they must be removed thoroughly during the nucleic acid extraction step and it is key point for successful research and diagnostic testing.
GenEx™ Blood Sx serves 'Special Buffer System' to extract high-quality gDNA from various blood samples and remove inhibitors. The quantification (yield, purity) and real-time PCR was carried out on extracted gDNA using GenEx™ Blood Sx to evaluate performance.
Performance evaluation:
Blood DNA
Blood is vitally important fluid for the body to transports necessary substances such as oxygen and nutrients to all the parts of the body. Blood, as an ideal source of pathogen detection, forensic identification, disease diagnosis, immunoassays, and other applications, the research on blood has been in constant demand, especially if they utilize less-invasive blood extractions and are coupled with sensitive applications.
The purpose of this application is to evaluate the performance of GENTi™ Advanced Blood DNA Extraction Kit in combination with GENTi™ Advanced Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction Equipment for the extraction of four different blood specimen types.
Forensic samples:
Genomic DNA
Forensic DNA analysis is a powerful tool in criminal investigations and legal proceedings. It involves the extraction of DNA from various types of forensic samples, including blood stains, hair, cigarette butts, fingerprints, and saliva. These samples are collected from crime scenes and can be used to identify suspects and provide evidence for criminal cases. The use of forensic DNA analysis has expanded beyond criminal investigations, and it is now commonly used in various fields, such as drug testing, medicine, food inspection, and accident or missing person identification.
The extracted DNA is subjected to various analysis techniques, such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR) which allows for the amplification of very small amounts of DNA that may be present in a forensic sample.
This application note assessed the efficiency of GENTi™ Advanced Blood DNA Extraction Kit in extracting DNA from micro forensic samples using Real-time PCR.