Cancer Research:
Whole blood DNA
Blood is a vital diagnostic sample that can provide valuable information for the prediction and diagnosis of various diseases. In particular, liquid biopsy, a non-invasive method of analyzing circulating tumor DNA in blood, has emerged as a promising tool for diagnosing cancer caused by gene mutations.
Unlike tissue biopsy, liquid biopsy can be easily performed without the need for invasive surgery, making it a more convenient and less risky alternative.
However, DNA extraction from blood can be a challenging due to blood components such as heme, hemoglobin, and anticoagulants which may inhibit diagnostic efficiency.
The Exgene Blood kit’s proprietary buffer systems and advanced silica membrane technology efficiently eliminate PCR-inhibiting compounds, resulting in high-quality DNA suitable for accurate diagnosis of disease.
This application note describes the extraction of genomic DNA from four different blood-derived products using the Exgene™ Blood SV mini kit. The performance of the kit was evaluated based on the yield, purity measurement, and real-time PCR.