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Plasmid DNA Purification

Product ExprepTM Plasmid SV
Brand GeneAll®
Storage Room temperature (15~25℃)
Cat.No.   Product Description Size Cart/Quote/Request
101-150 ExprepTM Plasmid SV, mini 50      
101-102 ExprepTM Plasmid SV, mini 200      
101-226 ExprepTM Plasmid SV, Midi 26      
101-201 ExprepTM Plasmid SV, Midi 100      



ExprepTM Plasmid SV DNA Purification kit provides a rapid and convenient method for the small and medium scale preparations of plasmid DNA from bacterial cells and it is used to isolate and purify any plasmids
from any E. coli strains. ExprepTM Plasmid SV eliminates the need of organic solvent extraction and alcohol precipitation, allowing rapid and convenient preparation from many samples simultaneously.
ExprepTM Plasmid SV kit can yield up to 30 ㎍ (mini) of highly purified plasmid DNA and it can be applicable directly for PCR, cloning, automated sequencing, synthesis of labeled hybridization probes and other enzymatic reactions without further manipulation. ExprepTM Plasmid SV Midi kit procedure requires the centrifuge which has a swinging-out bucket and ability of 4,000 ~ 5,000 xg. 


 Features and Benefits

■ Spin or vacuum column format
■ Stable and consistent result
■ Instant use : No need of additional materials
■ Fast and simple procedure : complete in 25 minutes
■ High purity : A260/280 = 1.8 ~ 2.0
■ Compatible with endA+ strains
■ No use of organic solvents
■ Ready for use in enzymatic manipulation and automated sequencing