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Product AmpONETM Taq Premix
Brand GeneAll®
Storage -20 ℃
Cat.No.   Product Description Size Cart/Quote/Request
526-200 AmpONETM Taq Premix, Solution 20 ㎕, 96 tubes      
526-500 AmpONETM Taq Premix, Solution 50 ㎕, 96 tubes      



AmpONETM Taq /a -Taq / HS-Taq Premix contains all reaction components required for PCR, such as reaction buffer, dNTP, gel loading dye, stabilizer and sediment in addition to Taq DNA polymerase. It is recommended to use in routine PCR (below 10 kb), TA cloning and primer extension. This mixture is stable for 1 year at -20 °C or 2 weeks at room temperature. It is ready-to-use mixture pipetting steps are minimized, reducing the
possibility of errors and contamination. Room temperature reaction setup using this mixture is fast and easy. Included loading dye migrates through 1.0% agarose gels run in 0.5X TBE at approximately the same rate as DNA 300 bp in length.


Features and Benefits

■ Lyophilized mix type or 2X solution type
■ Use of low tracking dye (1% agarose gel, 300 bp)
■ Ready to use
■ Minimal handling
■ Stable for 1 year at -20 °C or 2 weeks at RT
■ Offer of PCR tube rack