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Genomic DNA Purification

Product ExgeneTM FFPE Tissue DNA
Brand GeneAll®
Storage Room temperature (15~25℃)
Cat.No.   Product Description Size Cart/Quote/Request
138-150 GeneAll® Exgene™ FFPE Tissue DNA 50      
138-152 GeneAll® Exgene™ FFPE Tissue DNA 250      


Features and Benefits

- Fast, easy, safe, odor-free DNA extraction from FFPE tissue specimen
- Signature non-xylene reagent for 5 minute deparaffinization
- Complete procedure in under 150 minutes
- Guaranteed PCR product length up to 500 base pairs
- RNase A and proteinase K included for optimum results


- Technology : silica-membrane spin column (type G)
- Max. Starting Sample Volume : 8 sections (10 um thickness)
- Max. Binding Capacity : 60 ug
- Min. Elution Volume : 30 ul