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Mycoplasma Related

Product Treatment of Mycoplasma-Infected Cell with Antibio
Brand BI
Storage -20
Cat.No.   Product Description Size Cart/Quote/Request
03-036-1D BIOMYC-1 (100X conc.) 10ml      
03-036-1C BIOMYC-1 (100X conc.) 20ml      
03-036-1B BIOMYC-1 (100X conc.) 100ml      
03-037-1D BIOMYC-2 (100X conc.) 10ml      
03-037-1C BIOMYC-2 (100X conc.) 20ml      
03-037-1B BIOMYC-2 (100X conc.) 100ml      
03-038-1D BIOMYC-3 (100X conc.) 10ml      
03-038-1C BIOMYC-3 (100X conc.) 20ml      
03-038-1B BIOMYC-3 (100X conc.) 100ml